Residential Pool Pumps Qualifying Product List

Date Published

January 1, 2019


Through the Residential Swimming Pool Initiative, CEE supports the manufacture, sale, and installation of high efficiency pool pumps. CEE has developed a set of specifications and a qualifying products list to define energy efficiency and enable initiative participants (utilities and energy organizations) to promote qualifying pool pump through incentive, educational, and promotional programs. In support of the initiative, CEE maintains a compiled list of qualifying models based on the ENERGY STAR® Product Finder database, Association of Pool and Spa Professionals database, and direct manufacturer submissions. When active, this list is updated monthly; the most recent Qualifying Product Lists are posted on this page in reverse chronological order - newest at the top.

Note: The CEE high efficiency pool pump specification is currently under revision and no additional QPLs will be posted until the revision is complete, which is anticipated for Fall 2019. In the interim, please see the ENERGY STAR Product Finder or Association of Pool and Spa Professionals database to identify high efficiency pool pumps. 

As of February 5, 2018, a new DOE test procedure for pool pumps went into effect, which results in energy use reported under a new efficiency metric, weighted energy factor. CEE welcomes manufacturers to submit weighted energy factor data to inform our specification revision process through this submission form.