Residential Pool Pumps Qualifying Product List

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Through the Residential Swimming Pool Initiative, CEE supports the manufacture, sale, and installation of high efficiency pool pumps. CEE has developed a set of specifications and a qualifying products list to define energy efficiency and enable initiative participants (utilities and energy organizations) to promote qualifying pool pump through incentive, educational, and promotional programs. In support of the initiative, CEE maintains a compiled list of qualifying models based on the ENERGY STAR® Product Finder database and direct manufacturer submissions. This list is updated monthly; the most recent Qualifying Product Lists are posted on this page in reverse chronological order - newest at the top.
The CEE high efficiency pool pump specification is technology neutral and establishes tiered energy factor requirements for different speed settings. The complete specification can be viewed here.
If you are a manufacturer with a product that falls outside the scope of the ENERGY STAR Pool Pump Program Requirements Version 1.1 but which meets our specifications, please submit your product information to CEE for review and, if it meets our specifications, listing.