Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes Washer Qualifying Product List (Inactive)

Date Published

September 13, 2012


Given recent changes to federal minimum efficiency standards and ENERGY STAR® criteria for commercial clothes washers, the CEE Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes Washer Specification is not currently active. As a result, publication of the associated qualifying product list has been suspended.

The specification and qualifying product lists will be reinstated once the revised levels are finalized through the CEE specification revision process, the timing of which has not been determined.

The Commercial, Family-Sized Washer Initiative, launched in 1998, encourages the purchase and use of energy- and water-efficient washers for laundromats, multi-family buildings, and institutions. These high-efficiency commercial washers are nearly identical to residential models available in retail outlets. The only differences are minor engineering changes, such as a coin box. In support of the initiative, CEE maintains a compiled list of qualifying models based on manufacturer claims. The 12 most recent Qualifying Product Lists are posted on this page - the newest at the top.

For this program, CEE uses high-efficiency specifications that were originally developed for its Residential Clothes Washer Initiative. The specification sheet can be viewed here.

If you believe there is a product which meets our specifications but is not on our lists, please fill out the submission forms to submit a product for review and, if it meets our specifications, listing.