Public Review Draft High Efficiency Commercial Air-conditioning and Heat Pumps Initiative

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This proposal to revise the CEEsm High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (HECAC) Initiative and CEE Commercial Unitary AC and HP Specification, was distributed to HVAC industry stakeholders for review and comment on November 20, 2017. As detailed in this letter, CEE respectfully requests stakeholder input on the proposal. The current CEE specification is provided as Appendix A; the proposed revisions are reflected in Appendix B, Draft CEE Commercial Unitary AC and HP Specification.

As indicated in the letter, CEE welcomes comments on any aspect of the proposal, but specifically requests feedback on:

  1. Whether the proposal effectively achieves its intent to balance achievable energy savings with product availability considerations
  2. Whether the proposed tiers support the tier objectives as stated in the letter
  3. Whether the number of tiers proposed differentiates significant performance differences in the market
  4. Whether the market characterization and energy savings potential sections of the proposed 2018 Initiative Description (sections 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6) are accurate.

The deadline for submitting written comments is January 26, 2018. Please contact Commercial Program Manager Bjorn Jensen at 617-337-9280 or with any comments or questions.



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Bjorn Jensen