IP19 General Session: How a Shared IDSM Framework Manifests in Different ISO Regions

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Panelists: Mike Stockard, Stockard Energy Advising; Zachary Sussman, ConEdison; Don Brundage, Southern Company; Nik Schruder, IESO; and Jeffery Kosak, Xcel Energy

While continuing to deliver customer energy and bill savings, CEE members are evolving their portfolios of voluntary customer programs to serve new objectives. Grid balancing, load forecasting and resource planning, load management, incorporation of behind-themeter generation, and decarbonization are examples of how programs are expanding their purpose. How does this influence the technologies and functionality that will be promoted in the next generation of "energy efficiency" programs? What role will connected, automated products play? What new business opportunities will be enabled? During this session, utility leaders representing several different regions of the U.S. and Canada will present how the shared IDSM framework developed at CEE relates to their local service territories. Industry attendees will be encouraged to share observations about how their new products could be called upon by customers to capitalize on these opportunities, and to identify discussion topics to address during the afternoon breakouts.