IP19 General Session: Dynamic Times for our Industry Partners: What’s Changing for Critical Allies?

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Panelists: Richard Lord, Carrier Corporation; Joseph Howley, GE Lighting; and Mark Chaffee, TACO Inc.

The utility industry is not the only sector undergoing unprecedented change. In some cases (loT, climate change, and digitization) the underlying source of change is the same, while others are unique to a given industry. During this session, invited representatives from the HV ACR, Lighting, Hydraulics, and ESCO industries will sketch out a snapshot of their current industry dynamics, homing in on issues relevant to CEE members administering voluntary programs. Understanding some of the focal points of these industries will inform current collaborations and perhaps identify new opportunities. Other industry attendees will be encouraged to share similar disruptions affecting their business operations and CEE members will have an opportunity to posit new program models that reflect the business realities presented.