International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol

Date Published

January 1, 2012


Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) publishes the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to increase investment in energy and water efficiency, demand management, and renewable energy projects around the world. The IPMVP promotes efficiency investments by the following activities:

  • IPMVP documents common terms and methods to evaluate performance of efficiency projects for buyers, sellers, and financiers. Some of these terms and methods may be used in project agreements, though IPMVP does not offer contractual language.
  • IPMVP provides methods, with different levels of cost and accuracy, for determining savings either for the whole facility or for individual energy conservation measures (ECM),
  • IPMVP specifies the contents of a Measurement and Verification Plan (M&V Plan). This M&V Plan adheres to widely accepted fundamental principles of M&V and should produce verifiable savings reports. An M&V Plan must be developed for each project by a qualified professional
  • IPMVP applies to a wide variety of facilities including existing and new buildings and industrial processes. Chapter 1.4, User’s Guide, summarizes how different readers might use IPMVP.



Efficiency Valuation Organization