Integral Replacement Lamps Sold at Retail Qualifying Products List

Date Published

November 1, 2022


The products on this list meet the 2017 CEE Specification for Integral Replacement Lamps Sold at Retail, as well as the ENERGY STAR® Eligibility Criteria (Version 2.1), which define performance requirements and test procedures for replacement lamps. The majority of product information is obtained directly from the ENERGY STAR® Product Finder database. CEE also allows for direct manufacturer submissions of ENERGY STAR certified lamps. Please contact us for more information on direct product submissions. This list is updated monthly; the most recent Qualifying Product Lists are posted on this page in reverse chronological order - newest at the top.

The revised 2017 CEE Specification  for Integral Replacement Lamps Sold at Retail was authorized by the CEE Board of Directors  as part of the revised CEE Residential Lighting Initiative and is effective as of October 1, 2017.

Please note there is sometimes no March update for the CEE Qualifying Product List. Most often during the month of March, products are not listed from some ENERGY STAR® partners due to their failure to fulfill the EPA annual shipment reporting requirement.