Evolving State Regulatory Policies and Implications for Efficiency Programs

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Date Published

October 4, 2017


Presenters: Steve Bicker, Tacoma Power; Kevin Bilyeu, DTE Energy, Brian James, Southern California Edison

CEE members will explore the regulatory paradigm for electric and natural gas utilities, paying particular attention to how efficiency and integrated demand side programs are expected to evolve. The speakers will focus on states whose regulators are contemplating fundamental changes to the utility business model, parsing what is known and calling out the dynamic and uncertain conditions that make policy setting such a challenging task. Topics to be addressed include the regulatory compact and what it means for customers and investor-owned utilities, challenges to the integration of efficiency and load management programs, the temporal and locational value of efficiency to enhance the value of system assets, and valuing non-energy benefits and performance incentives. Presenters will strive to demonstrate how the energy efficiency industry is working together to address these changes, by enabling specific capabilities that are valuable now in some places, but should prove an effective insurance policy for others who face uncertain regulatory expectations.