Energy Efficiency Program Impact Evaluation Guide

Date Published

December 1, 2012


This Energy Efficiency Program Impact Evaluation Guide describes and provides guidance on approaches for determining and documenting energy and non-energy benefits resulting from end-use energy efficiency programs and portfolios of programs. It specifically focuses on impact evaluations for programs designed to reduce facility (e.g., home, commercial building, factory) energy consumption and/or demand, as well as related air emissions. This guide’s objective is to support the implementation of effective energy efficiency actions by providing information on standard procedures and best practices for planning and conducting evaluations and reporting results. To this end, this guide accomplishes the following:

  • Defines a systematic evaluation planning and implementation process
  • Describes several standard approaches for determining energy and demand savings (as well as avoided emissions and other non-energy impacts)
  • Defines key terms related to energy efficiency evaluation
  • Provides guidance on key evaluation issues
  • Lists publicly available energy efficiency evaluation resources




US Department of Energy; State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network