Efficiency Program Industry by State and Region Appendices, 2013

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These appendices to the 2013 State of the Efficiency Program Industry Report contain state and provincial level budgets and expenditures data from ratepayer sources.

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These appendices are available for viewing only and cannot be downloaded. To request these appendices in an Excel format, please send an email to reports@cee1.org.

Finally, please read the purpose and limitations of these data, which are at the top of the appendices before proceeding to the tables.


An error was identified in Table 5 by a careful reader. The sum of the efficiency spend for California in 2013 was first published as a repeat of the ‘other or not broken out’ spend from that year, causing the grand total, which is the sum of the ‘total efficiency’ and ‘total demand response’ categories, to omit the ‘residential’, ‘low income’ and ‘C&I’ efficiency spend. The individual sector spend categories are correct, it’s just the ‘total efficiency’ and ‘grand total’ columns that are off due to that calculation error. The table below is correct.

Table 5. US Electric Program Expenditures by State, 2013 (Millions USD)
  Residential Low Income C&I Other or Not Broken Out Total Efficiency Corrected Total Incentive-based Total TIme-based Other DR or DR Not Broken Out Total Demand Response Grand Total Corrected
2012 California 177 117 269 395 958 250 31 27 308 1265
2013 California 119 97 346 292 854 216 26 59 301 1154
2014 California 176 79 348 340 943 228 2 74 304 1247





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