Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative

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The Initiative for Commercial Lighting Systems provides a market and technology overview, barriers and opportunities, efficiency specifications, and initiative participation requirements. 

Click here for the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification, which supports the replacement lamp component of this Initiative.

This is the most current verison of the Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative. For the 2008 Initiative document, click here

For earlier versions of CEE's commercial lighting specifications, please refer to the High Performance T8 Specification and the Reduced Wattage T8 Specification. 

Note on 2018 Federal Minimums 

The CEE Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative T8 Replacement Lamp Specification covers both fluorescent and fluorescent ballast-compatible tubular LED replacement lamps. On January 26, 2018, new DOE energy conservation standards for General Service Fluorescent Lamps go into effect with luminous efficacy requirements that are greater than existing CEE Tier 0—minimum of 90 lm/W. Lamps manufactured after the compliance date are required to meet 92.4 lm/W for lamps with a CCT under 4500K and 88.7 lm/W for lamps with a CCT between 4500 and 7000k. In addition to CEE Tier 0, the current CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification includes a CEE Tier 1 performance level of 95 lm/W for lamps with an operating life of ≥36,000 hours, and CEE Tier 2 performance level of 100 lm/W for lamps with an operating life of ≥50,000 hours. The CEE Commercial Lighting Committee has agreed on a proposal to revise the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification and distributed a proposal to industry for review on January 12, 2018 with a comment deadline of February 28, 2018. Following the completion of the industry review period, CEE staff will convene the Committee to consider the full slate of industry comments and determine appropriate modification. While subject to Board approval, revisions to the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification is anticipated in the first quarter of 2018. Please check back to this library card for future updates.