Commercial Lighting Qualifying Product Lists

Date Published

March 1, 2023


The CEE Commercial Lighting Initiative seeks to enhance energy savings by improving the ability of the marketplace to deliver more energy efficient products and practices. Subsequent to the 2015 Initiative revision, CEE now promotes common definitions for energy efficiency in T8 replacement lamps in the form of a CEE performance specification. To support the Initiative, CEE maintains a list of qualifying products that meet the requirements of this specification. 

If you believe there is a product which meets our specifications but is not on our lists, please fill out the submission form to submit a product for review and, if it meets our specifications, listing.

If you have questions regarding the lists or specifications, please review the FAQ or contact CEE.

This CEE Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative can be found here.

The T8 Replacement Lamp Performance Specification can be found here. 

Background & History: CEE launched an initiative for high performance commercial lighting systems in November of 2004, and updated it in 2007 to include reduced wattage T8 systems. This Initiative was updated in 2015 and the specification revised to include only T8 replacement lamps. Enhancments to this Initiative were approved in 2018 including revising the specification to introduce distinct performance tiers for fluorescent T8s and Tubular LED Replacement lamps (TLEDs) in recognition of continued growth and evolution of TLEDs and the structure of member programs. The 2018 Specification also introduces a maximum wattage requirement for T8s, reflecting the diminishing cost-effectiveness and program support for 32W T8s. For more information please see the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification. Qualifying product lists on this page posted before March 2015 are archived lists of lamps and ballasts and reference the previous specifications.