Commercial Lighting Qualifying Product Lists Product Submission Forms

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CEE launched an initiative for high performance commercial lighting systems in November of 2004, and updated it in 2007 to include reduced wattage T8 systems. In support of the 2007 Initiative update, from 2007-January 2015 CEE maintained lists of qualifying four foot fluorescent high performance (32 watt) and reduced wattage (28 and 25 watt) lamps and ballasts. These forms were previously used for the submission of High Performance (HPT8) and Reduced Wattage (RW) products for listing on the CEE Qualifying Product Lists.

Here you will find the archived High Performance and Reduced Wattage Specifications. Note that as of January 2015, the Qualifying Product Lists reference the CEE Specification for T8 Replacement Lamps and there is a new submission form

If you have questions regarding the Initiative, Qualifying Product Lists or the Specification, please contact Kate Grant.