Commercial Lighting Qualifying Product List Submission Form

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CEE launched a Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative in November of 2004 which was updated in 2008 and most recently in November 2018 (for improved clarity of specification requirements from manufacturers). In support of the revised Initiative, CEE maintains lists of qualifying four foot, linear T8 replacement lamps that are operable on existing T8 ballasts and do not require any modifications to the fixture such as rewiring or installation of an additional driver (effective August 30, 2018). If you believe there is a product which meets the specification but is not on the list, please use this form to submit products for listing on the CEE Qualifying Product List.

As a reminder, please complete all fields (specifications) on the submission form, as they are used to determine qualifying models. Missing information will result in the omission of the model from the respective QPL and delayed until the missing information is provided in time for the next closest QPL publication date.

For more information please see the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification.