CEE Residential Water Heating Initiative

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The CEESM Residential Water Heating Initiative seeks to build a market for highly energy efficient water heating in North America by providing common definitions of efficient equipment and strategies for promoting uptake of these systems at scale. This version focuses on gas-fired storage, gas-fired tankless, and electric heat pump water heaters.

This Initiative takes the next steps in increasing adoption of efficient technology in the market by:

  • Incorporating an expansive scope of efficient products ranging from gas-fired storage to gas-fired tankless to electric heat pump water heaters
  • Addressing persistent market barriers related to stocking, distribution, sale, and purchase of efficient products
  • Driving greater awareness as well as education regarding the benefits of efficient water heating systems across both key industry stakeholders and end users

As members adopt this initiative and align their programs, over time we expect an increase in the number of efficient water heaters manufactured and installed within the United States and Canada.






Author Names:

Rosenberg, Alice; Chapman, George