CEE Residential Swimming Pool Initiative

Date Published

October 21, 2020


The primary goal of the CEE Residential Swimming Pool Initiative is to increase the likelihood of purchase and proper installation of high efficiency, connected swimming pool equipment in order to deliver untapped energy savings available in both new and existing residential swimming pools across the United States and Canada.

To achieve the aforementioned goal, the Initiative focuses first on the largest energy savings opportunity, namely replacing comparatively inefficient single speed pool pumps with higher efficiency variable speed pool pumps. The CEE Residential Swimming Pool Initiative and Specification revision comes in response to the DOE Direct Final Rule, which establishes federal minimum standards for dedicated-purpose pool pumps (DPPPs) for the first time and adopts a new metric for testing and measuring performance of pool equipment, weighted energy factor (WEF). The Initiative seeks to identify meaningful levels of energy savings beyond this new baseline of pool pump performance.

Although increasing the manufacture, availability, promotion, and installation of high efficiency pool pumps is the primary focus of the Initiative, the document highlights additional energy savings opportunities that exist within pool systems, including those associated with pool timers, pool cleaners/vacuums, pool heaters, pool covers, and replacement pool motors.





Author Names:

Rosenberg, Alice; Mayhew, Chloe