CEE Overview of Data Centers and Business IT Programs

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The CEE Overview of Data Centers and Business IT Programs in the United States and Canada (Program Overview) characterizes voluntary efficiency programs aimed at reducing energy consumption in data centers and from business IT equipment and operations that were active in 2019. These programs can address a wide variety of individual measures as well as measures aimed at improving system efficiency and performance. This resource was compiled in support of the CEE Data Centers and Servers Initiative that aims to build member understanding of data center market opportunities, develop consensus metrics and definitions for data center energy efficiency, and identify replicable program approaches that will generate additional energy savings beyond those resulting from the data center industry’s efforts alone. Highlighting data that adds visibility to member program content, direction, and trends can help inform future CEE Initiative direction.

The CEE Program Overview includes 28 CEE Members serving 3,777,269 electric customers and 901,126 gas customers that offer some type of data center measure(s), representing 19 US states. Information on the 28 CEE member programs represented in this document was compiled from publicly available data collected in 2019. Check with individual CEE member programs for details.