CEE High Efficiency Specifications for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Date Published

January 1, 2010


In support of the Commercial Kitchens Initiative, CEE publishes specifications for commercial refrigerators and freezers. The specification includes efficiency requirements for qualifying commercial refrigerator and freezer products, definitions, how to qualify products, test methods, and future specification revisions.

The Commercial Kitchens Initiative provides an overview of the Initiative, background on foodservice energy consumption and the foodservice industry, initiative goals, strategies and major activities, initiative participation requirements, and efficiency specifications for commercial kitchen equipment.

Please Note:

The CEE Commercial Kitchens Initiative was launched in 2005 to support clear and credible definitions in the marketplace as to what constitute highly efficient energy and water performance in cooking, refrigeration, and sanitation equipment and currently maintains specifications for nine equipment categories. Since 2005, member programs, ENERGY STAR, and federal minimum standards have worked in concert to advance the market for high efficiency commercial kitchen equipment. Thanks to member support of the CEE Commercial Kitchens Initiative and work by federal partners, we have observed great gains in the availability of energy efficient commercial refrigeration equipment and diminishing opportunity for CEE to differentiate the market above federal minimum standards and ENERGY STAR levels.

As this market has evolved, we are seeing a limited need for CEE to support the development of definitions for highly efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers to support program administrator’s rebate programs.Given growing market acceptance in the commercial refrigerators and freezers market and the strong role that ENERGY STAR plays in this market, we no longer see the need to support separate CEE High Efficiency Specifications for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers and qualifying products list. CEE staff will continue to monitor this equipment category for future opportunities to further differentiate highly efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers available in the market, but will turn its attention to identifying other commercial refrigeration product opportunities where programs could use support identifying highly efficient equipment.

Currently, CEE supports and references the ENERGY STAR commercial refrigerators and freezers specification and qualifying products list that interested stakeholders can use to continue to identify highly efficient.