CEE High Efficiency Specifications for Commercial Ice Machines

Date Published


In support of the Commercial Kitchens Initiative, CEE publishes specifications for commercial ice machines. The specification includes efficiency requirements for qualifying ice machine products, definitions, how to qualify products, test methods, and future specification revisions.

The Commercial Kitchens Initiative provides an overview of the Initiative, background on foodservice energy consumption and the foodservice industry, initiative goals, strategies and major activities, initiative participation requirements, and efficiency specifications for commercial kitchen equipment.

Note on 2018 Federal Minimums

New US federal minimum energy conservation standards (federal minimums) for automatic commercial ice makers took effect January 28, 2018 and are equivalent to current CEE Tier 1 requirements. In the case of self-contained, commercial ice machines, the new federal minimum standards are more stringent than CEE Tier 2 requirements. On January 28, 2018, updated requirements for ENERGY STAR® Automatic Commercial Ice Machines also took effect. CEE is in the process of considering opportunities to revise the CEE Commercial Kitchens Initiative and the CEE Commercial Ice Machine Specification to ensure continued market relevance and role of the Initiative. Revised CEE tiers are currently being investigated for equipment types and performance levels not directly addressed by DOE or EPA, such as advanced performance tiers, water-cooled equipment (closed loop system or a system with a remote evaporative condenser), and connected equipment. A draft revision to the CEE Commercial Ice Machine Specification with a Tier 1 and advanced tier along with consideration of connected requirements is expected in 2021.