CEE Commercial Unitary Air-coditioning and Heat Pumps Specification

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Date Published

January 12, 2016


In support of the High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative, CEE publishes the CEE Commercial Unitary AC and HP Specification, which provides high efficiency performance specifications for the following types of equipment:

  • air-, water, and evaporatively-cooled unitary air conditioners;
  • air- and water-source unitary heat pumps;
  • air cooled variable refrigerant flow multisplit air conditioners; and
  • air- and water-source variable refrigerant flow multisplit heat pumps

The Specification provides consensus definitions of efficient performance for use as a basis for CEE member's commercial air conditioning and heat pump programs. By harmonizing programs around a common performance specification, CEE members collectively create a strong market pull to increase the availability of efficient equipment in US and Canadian markets. The Specification was updated on January 12, 2016. The 2012-2015 version of the specification is available here.

Please note that a minor correction was made to the Specification on February 17, 2016. The correct tier 1 HSPF requirement for single packge heat pumps less than 65,000 Btu/h is 8.2 HSPF or higher.