2019 CEE Commercial Kitchens Program Overview

Date Published


The CEE Commercial Kitchens Program Overview summarizes CEE member programs active in 2019 that aimed to increase the sale and market share of energy and water efficient commercial kitchens equipment. This resource highlights key insights from the CEE 2019 Commercial Kitchens Program Summary that are indicative of the impact of the CEESM Commercial Kitchens Initiative that was adopted in 2005 to advance the efficiency of cooking, refrigeration, and sanitation equipment. Information on the 105 member programs represented in this document reflects the landscape of CEE member program support for the Initiative during the 2019 calendar year. Since each CEE member uses different program development processes and schedules, this document aims to provide the best available snapshot for 2019 and does not attempt to describe how programs have evolved to date or how they are likely to change in the future.