2018 CEE IP Meeting: Res HVAC Breakout

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Session Description

As residential HVAC technologies evolve, they are increasingly complex and sophisticated in design. Connected capabilities further contribute to an ever-changing landscape of potential functionality and services that equipment and systems can provide. However, the current rating and certification metrics do not necessarily accurately represent the field performance of these advanced products.

In this session, participants will evaluate current efforts across the United States and Canada that are exploring alternative methods for measuring the performance of central air conditioners and heat pumps, including low-ambient performance air source heat pumps. As part of an envisioned roadmap for updated rating methods, the group will focus on how demand-side management programs can play an integral role in enabling the shift to more reflective metrics through the adoption of voluntary specifications to support future mandatory standards. Drawing on examples from other industries and past experiences, this session will apply a critical lens to tease out the next steps and stakeholders required to facilitate such transformative changes.