2018 CEE IP Meeting: Res Connected Breakout

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Date Published

September 19, 2018


This content was presented during a breakout session at the 2018 CEE Industry Partners Meeting; per the CEE Meeting Guidelines, please do not distribute this document outside of your organization.

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Catie Dimas




Session Description

Space and water heating are the top two energy-consuming residential end uses, which is why it comes as no surprise that these have been key areas of focus for CEE members historically. The emergence of two-way communication technology brought new opportunities to leverage these systems for additional customer and grid benefit, as well as continued CEE engagement with associated stakeholder groups. The pending finalization of the AHRI ANSI Standard 1380 (Demand Response through Variable Capacity HVAC Equipment in Residential and Small Commercial Applications), and optional CEE connected criteria for electric heat pump water heaters illustrate positive steps in transforming these markets together.

During this session, participants will share their perspectives on the demand-side management, customer satisfaction, and grid benefits that can be enabled via onboard connected capabilities that are rooted in open-standards communication protocols. With an emphasis on in-field performance experiences with residential water heaters and HVAC systems to date, the discussion will also highlight how market-wide consistency in terms of criteria and capabilities can help support the realization of benefits for these types of equipment and others.