2018 CEE IP Meeting: Integrated Home Concurrent Sessions

Date Published

September 19, 2018


This content was presented during a breakout session at the 2018 CEE Industry Partners Meeting; per the CEE Meeting Guidelines, please do not distribute this document outside of your organization.

Any questions may be directed to the CEE staff co-chair:

Alice Rosenberg



Session Description

Part I

CEE members believe that the integrated home offers key energy efficiency, load management, and consumer engagement opportunities. However the road to fully achieving these is a long and bumpy one, with many challenges and complexities. CEE members are taking initial steps to help realize these benefits both now and in the future. In much the same way that CEE has worked with stakeholders to transform markets for energy efficiency performance historically, members see value from continued engagement and collaboration with industry partners. As the adoption of residential communicating technologies continues to increase, there is a collective interest to support positive consumer experiences.

This session will provide important context for CEE activities in the integrated home space as well as residential breakout sessions throughout the remainder of the meeting, including a review of the CEE consensus principles for connectivity, a draft concept of the integrated home, an overview of CEE efforts by industry, and a map of key players across this multifaceted space. Participants will also share specific examples of unique partnerships they have formed with one another to delivery shared objectives and common goals.

Part II

Building upon the foundational discussions from the first Integrated Homes concurrent session and the subsequent resident breakout sessions, Part II will hone in on specific member-industry engagement and current progress toward the concept of an integrated home. In addition to individual product highlights, the group will take a look at crosscutting opportunities that span across end measures to drive even greater savings as well as customer satisfaction.

The second half of the session will then focus on how to position CEE priorities for future integrated home efforts. Participants will consider new or improved ways the CEE Committees can engage with industry stakeholders year-round in addition to traditional specification development processes and the annual Industry Partners Meeting. Attendees will also discuss potentially relevant opportunities for increased cross-industry collaboration, such as lighting and HVAC, and generate a list of priority emerging industries that are relevant for integrated home discussions. Finally, CEE members and industry partners will report out on takeaways and outcomes from the relevant breakout sessions to help populate next steps for each work area.