2018 CEE Commercial Lighting Program Summary

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Date Published

October 17, 2019


In support of the CEE Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative, the 2018 CEE Commercial Lighting Program Summary ('Program Summary') provides a shapshot of voluntary efficiency programs aimed at reducing energy consumption in commercial lighting systems that were active during 2018. These programs can address a wide variety of individual measures as well as measures aimed at improving system efficiency and performance. The Program Summary includes 74 CEE Members, with a variety of fuel types, including electric only (49%) and combined or fuel-neutral (45%), that offer some type of commercial lighting measure(s), representing 36 US states (including the District of Columbia) and 4 Canadian provinces. Collectively, these members serve approximately 8,601,717 electric commercial and industrial customers.

This Program Summary is intended for the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate information exchange among CEE members.
  2. To serve as a resource for industry or other stakeholders seeking summary information about commercial lighting programs offered by CEE members.
  3. To support CEE and the CEE Commercial Lighting Committee in identifying program trends and initiative opportunities.

The information in this program summary was collected primarily through publicly available information on CEE member websites from 2018, though some supplemental information not available through member websites may have been collected from CEE members directly. Check with individual CEE member programs for details.