2017 Commercial Lighting Program Summary

Date Published

October 18, 2017


In support of the CEE Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative ('CEE Initiative') the 2017 CEE Commercial Lighting Program Summary ('Program Summary') and Overview of Commercial Lighting Programs in the United States and Canada ('Program Overview') characterize currently active voluntary efficiency programs aimed at reducing energy consumption in commercial lighting systems. These programs can address a wide variety of individual measures as well as measures aimed at improving system efficiency and performance.

The Program Summary includes data for 81 CEE members with a variety of fuel types, including electric only (56 percent) and combined or fuel-neutral (44 percent), that offer some type of commercial lighting measure(s), representing 39 US states, including the District of Columbia, four Canadian provinces, and a total of 13,698,360 commercial and industrial customers. The Program Summary includes a listing of CEE member prescriptive programs and associated lighting products, highlighting at a high level CEE member efforts to capture savings with  mass-market and performance-based approaches. 

The Program Overview provides an analysis of data collected in the Program Summary, identifying CEE member participation in the CEE Initiaitive, and highlighting member program content, direction, and trends that can help inform future CEE Initiative direction. The Program Overview highlights trends over time, comparing program support for various lighting technologies and measure types in 2016 and 2017. It also assesses that program activity compared to relevent lighting industry market data. 

These resources provide value to a variety of stakeholders. CEE Member programs can use them as tools to assess changes in program activity over time and identify peers that are developing new approaches and offerings. Lighting industry stakeholders can use them to assess trends and identify program support for particular lighting offerings. Customers and distributors can use them as tools to identfy whether their local energy efficiency program may offer incentives for commercial lighting projects. 

Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative 

The CEE  Initiative seeks to enhance energy savings by improving the ability of the marketplace to deliver more energy efficient products and practices. The Initiative provides information about market and program drivers, objectives, strategy and scope, efficiency specifications, and initiative participation requirements. 

Since 2015, the Consortium has addressed the large mass-market opportunity with common definitions for energy efficiency in T8 replacement lamps in the form of a CEE performance specification. To support the Initiative, CEE maintains a list of qualifying products that meet the requirements of this specification.  The T8 Replacement Lamp Performance Specification can be found here






Robert Hart, Program Manager, CEE