2016 Behavior Program Summary - Public

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The purpose of this program summary is to serve as a resource for members and to help facilitate information exchange among the membership. It is intended to aid in the design and implementation of programs with behavior change elements by shedding light on what members consider to be behavior programs, how they're incorporating behavioral approaches into their programs, and how they're measuring and evaluating these efforts.

The program details contained in this program summary are based entirely on information provided by CEE members.  This document only includes information on programs run by organizations that are CEE members (or were at the time of data collection).  This program summary is not comprehensive and does not include all CEE members or all CEE member programs that might include a behavior change component.  The summary does not include programs run by CEE members who did not respond to our request for program information in time for them to be included.  All programs chosen for inclusion in this program summary were identified by CEE member staff.




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Ashby, Kira