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Trends in High Efficiency Packaged HVAC Products

This presentation was given as part of a training and product demonstratin held at Carrier New England as a day-ahead event for the 2012 CEE Summer Program Meeting.  The agenda is included to provide additional context.

CEE Commercial Unitary AC and HP Specification

In support of the High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative, CEE publishes the CEE Commercial Unitary AC and HP Specification, which provides high efficiency performance specifications for the following types of equipment: air-, water, and evaporatively-cooled unitary air conditioners; air- and water-source unitary heat pumps; air cooled variable refrigerant flow…

Light Commercial HVAC: Market Research Report

This report is a market characterization study for light commercial (< 25 tons) HVAC equipment in the Pacific Northwest. The objective was to develop a better understanding of the supply side of the light commercial market, and specifically identify the key players, relationships, and approximate market size.

Small Commercial HVAC Pilot Program: Market Progress Evaluation Report, No.1

This report is a market progress evaluation report of the Small Commercial HVAC Pilot Program run by Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, which was designed to create a market for energy-efficiency tune-up services for packaged rooftop units in small commercial buildings.

CEE Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Commercial Unitary HVAC Systems (Final Report)

This document is a compilation of energy-efficient best practices for the sizing, selection, installation and commissioning of unitary air-source air conditioner and heat pump systems up to 30 tons. Commercial new and retrofit construction projects are included. This document is intended as a tool for improving the energy efficiency of…

2013 CEE Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Program Summary - Public Version

CEE has compiled this program summary in support of the CEE High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Initiative. This program summary is an Excel database that provides data on 68 program administrators' commercial air-conditioning and heat pump incentive offerings, and may not be inclusive of all CEE member…