Residential Natural Gas Furnaces Qualifying Product List

Date Published

August 25, 2014


These Qualifying Products Lists ("QPLs") provide a monthy summary of the high efficiency residential gas furnaces and which meet the specifications in the High Efficiency Residential Gas Heating Initiative. That initiative was launched in 1998 and last revised in 2014. QPLs posted in February 2014 and later reflect these revisions.

By adopting and promoting specifications for energy-efficient residential gas furnaces and boilers, the efficiency program administrators are increasing demand for this equipment as well as encouraging manufacturers to expand production of these products.

In support of the Initiative, CEE maintains this list of qualifying furnaces, as well as a list of qualifying boilers. For older lists, please contact Philip Picotte.

For more information on the Initiative and specifications, please see the CEE High Efficiency Residential Gas Heating Initiative.