CEE Premium Efficiency Motors List

Date Published

January 15, 2012



The Premium Efficiency Motors Initiative provides a market and technology overview, barriers and opportunities, efficiency specifications, and initiative participation requirements. In support of the Premium Efficiency Motors Initiative, CEE  publishes  the CEE Premium Efficiency Motors List, which includes motors that are 1-200 hp NEMA Design A/B, 460 volts, TEFC or ODP  and 1200rpm, 1800 rpm, or 3600 rpm. 

To be eligible to be included, a motor's nominal efficiency must be at least one full NEMA band higher than the 2007 EISA nominal efficiency (as defined in NEMA MG1 Table 12-12) and the motor and corresponding nominal efficiency must be listed in a publicly available document, such as product catalog or cut sheet amounting to an advertised claim of performance, or the reporting entity must wish it to be treated as publicly available (and expressly claim to achieve performance based upon the noted test procedure).  This information must be included with each motor submitted for inclusion on the CEE Motors List.


Author Names:

CEE Motors and Motors Systems Committee