2013 State of the Efficiency Program Industry

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Date Published

March 24, 2014


Eight years ago, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency initiated the Annual Industry Report through a survey of members and other efficiency program administrators to discover the size and momentum of the industry by measuring program budgets and impacts. Thanks in great part to the resources and cooperation of the CEE membership, CEE is able to collect data directly, at an incrementally granular level, and with enhanced consistency. In 2009, CEE joined forces with AGA and the Institute for Electric Innovation. By coordinating their mutual information needs, the three organizations have developed a more comprehensive reporting process with a lower burden on respondents. This document presents the results of the 2013 survey.

CEE 2013 Annual Industry Report Erratum

Please note that a data reporting error caused Canadian electric savings to be incorrectly low in the CEE 2013 Annual Industry Report. In Figure 24 on page 43, Canadian GWh savings should be as follows:

  • 404 GWh in the residential customer class
  • 36 GWh in the low income customer class
  • 1,300 GWh in the C&I customer class
  • 131 GWh in the “other” customer class
  • 1,477 GWh not broken out
  • Ratepayer and “all sources” totals of 3,350 GWh

These changes carry through into the binational total, so the first sentence in Section 5.1 on page 42 should likewise indicate that the total estimated incremental energy savings from electric energy efficiency programs in the US and Canada were approximately 28,000 GWh, instead of 27,000 GWh. CEE has added a quality assurance procedure to help prevent this type of error.